CANNA – Bio Vega 1L – 100% Organic Soil Nutrient


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CANNA – Bio Vega 1L – 100% Organic Soil Nutrient


Canna is one of the best-known and trusted names in the hydroponic plant-feed business. Canna Bio Vega is an excellent plant food for the vegetative stage. Bio Vega is fully organic accredited and will help you to grow beautiful plants the all-natural way.


CANNA holds the complete production chain in its own hands. From development to research, via marketing and sales to the unique environmentally friendly production line. CANNA also has its own logistics department and of course a laboratory. Here passionate scientists unravel the secrets of nature.


Canna – Well-known and long-standing brand – trusted by thousands of growers world-wide
Can be used as part of a fully organic feeding schedule.
Great for use on organic soil
Made especially for the vegetative stage
Feeds beneficial micro-organisms for a thriving root-zone
No chemicals gives you a cleaner tasting crop
Fully certified as organic by SKAL and ECO
Bio Vega is rich in nitrogen of Betaine, which becomes detached according to the needs for the plant. Its bioactive components stimulate the root development and the formation of buds, with great vitality.


Bio Vega has been developed to meet the plant’s requirements during the growing phase. Complete absorption of water and feeding from the start of cultivation is also guaranteed because Bio Vega is rich in nitrogen compounds that can be absorbed directly, high value EDDHA iron chelate’s and trace elements.


Canna Bio Vega Instructions & Dosage / Feeding Schedule

Canna Bio Vega is best used as part of an all-natural organic feeding schedule. Always shake well before use. Add Bio Vega at a rate of 2ml/Litre to water and mix well.

Bio Vega should not be pH adjusted. Plants can be fed 1-3 times per week depending on the size of the plant and how depleted of nutrients the soil is becoming. Always aim to achieve 10%-20% run-off at each watering.


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