Jumbo Drying Net / Rack 8 Level Dry Herbs, Flowers, Or Plant Material


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Jumbo Drying Net / rack 8 level


The Professional 8-Layer Dry Net allows you to dry herbs, flowers, or plant
material easily in your grow tent, closet or garage without hassle. You can hang
this drying net from ceiling and turn your ventilation system on to keep the
perfect drying effect. When used with your existing exhaust fan and carbon
filter, the generated air movement in your grow room can quicken the drying
process, without dispersing odors into the outside environment.


  • Durable Non-toxic Nylon for years of trouble-free use.
  • High-quality Steel Rings to provide sturdy support.
  • 8 individual Drying Chambers with 1/8" open holes
  • especially good for drying some weensy plant
  • Hold several pounds of plant material for drying.
  • Can be hanged from the ceiling of grow room or grow tent.
  • Easy to set up in seconds.
  • Unfold Overall Size: 66" Tall x 24" Diameter

    Open door: 13-1/2" L x 7-1/2" H

 Safe and
Environmental Friendly


Weight: 2kg


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Jumbo Drying Net


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