Microscope – Mini Led 45x, Led 160x-200x & USB 200x A Must For Any Grower


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Microscope – Mini Led 45x, Led 160x-200x, USB 200x
Microscope – Mini Led 45x
Miniature microscope (45 x magnification), with LED lighting, allows us to do with quality small samples. Supplied with a small case for easy transport.
Microscope – Led 160x-200x
Portable microscope with adjustable increase between 160 and 200. With LED for adequate illumination of the object. Includes leather case and batteries
Microscope – USB 200x
Microscope with adjustable lighting and USB connection to computers. With this microscope you can get clear images increased up to 200 times and store them on your computer for later use, 1.3 Mega pixels.
It’s one of the most important decisions in the entire grow!

You could guess and maybe make it out alright if you are a master grower.

Or use the microscope to see how well the trichome development is and when they are amber enough to harvest.

It would be a disappointment to harvest early.

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