Vitopod 2 Unheated ( 2 Layer System ) Seedlings & Young Plants Hydroponics


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Vitopod 2 Unheated ( 2 Layer System )

Vitopod 2 Unheated ( 2 Layer System )  Complete with base this deluxe propagator can be as a propagator,cold frame,or mini greenhouse all in one,  heat and height is trully uniqe in this rolls royce of propagators.

Protect seedlings and young plants in the Vitopod mini greenhouse until the weather warms up.

This Vitopod gradually hardens plants to the conditions of the garden, greenhouse or polytunnel so they don’t suffer from the shock of sudden exposure to cooler temperatures. It’s useful if you use a small propagator, raise seeds in the house, or buy plants from a garden centre.

Use the Vitopod mini greenhouse to harden-off your plants before planting-out. ‘Hardening off’ is the vital process of getting seedlings ready for life outdoors. Without this step it’s too easy to lose plants or have them wilt from the sudden change in conditions between a warm windowsill and a draughty garden.

The Vitopod mini greenhouse can be used outside in a sheltered area or in an unheated greenhouse or polytunnel.

  • Vents for controlgradually open the large vents in the lids and ends to get the plants used to life outside the Vitopod mini greenhouse. The last step is to remove the lids completely during the day and then also at night.
  • Height adjustableThe 15cm tall height extensions give plants more space as they grow. Perfect for when the weather is taking its time to warm up enough for you to plant-out and for protecting taller mature plants from the cold.
  • Robustthe Vitopod is built to last. The lids and sides are made from a robust acrylic and are treated to protect them against the UV deterioration which makes other propagators turn yellow and brittle. The crystal clear lid and sides mean the Vitopod also looks great.

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