Vitalink – Root Stimulator 1L – Root Enhancer Hydroponics


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Vitalink – Root Stimulator 1L

Ask any experienced grower and they’ll tell you that stronger roots mean stronger plants, and in the long run, bigger and better yields. Vitalink is a brand with a reputation for delivering the goods, and Root Stim is no exception. It will accelerate root development and strengthen root-zones against adverse conditions and diseases, prompting a positive response in terms of plant growth. It also comes in a concentrated formula that goes a long way, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions out there.

Does what it suggests; stimulates roots to grow stronger, longer and also keeps the formation of root hairs high.
We suggest you use RootStim throughout the plants lifecycle until week 7 of the bloom stage.
We recommend you use 1ml per litre for the first week, then after that lower the dosage to 0.5ml per litre.

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