Vitalink – Root Stim & Plant Start 250ml – 1L, 5L Roots Stimulator Hydroponics


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Vitalink – Root Stim & Plant Start – 250ml – 1L – 5L – Roots Stimulation Nutrition


VitaLink RootStim 

Stimulate root growth with VitaLink RootStim. This additive uses high quality seaweed extracts with natural bio-stimulant properties and hormones to encourage plant roots to grow long, strong and healthy. By using this product in the early stages of plant life, it helps to encourage rapid root growth but it can also be used at any stage of the plant life cycle at a reduced dosage to improve roots.

Key Features:
Increase and improve root development
Rapid root growth at early plant life
Long, strong and healthy roots
Better roots mean better nutrient and water uptake

We recommend you use 1ml per 1L for the first week of vegetation, you would then use 0.5ml per 1L right up until bloom week 7.


Vitalink PlantStart 

VitaLink PlantStart is the ideal propagation nutrient and has been developed to help young plants grow well. It contains a key ratio of boron and calcium which is scientifically proven to promote fast and healthy early growth. This seedling feed contains everything cuttings and seedlings require for fast and healthy rooting during this crucial stage of plant growth.

Key Features:
Promotes fast and healthy root development
Proven to significantly reduce standard rooting times
Boosts resistance to infection and disease
Increases your chance of success at this difficult and crucial stage
Provides the basis for overall healthy plants

Pre-soaking propagation = 3-4ml/L.
Seedlings/rooted cuttings = 6-8ml/L.


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