Vitalink – Hydroponic Max Growth A&B 5L (Hard Water) Hydroponics


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Vitalink Hydroponic Max Growth A&B 1 Litre (Hard Water)

If you’re growing hydroponically, Hydro MAX provides the solid nutritional foundation that will allow you to create the indoor garden you always dreamed of! It maintains the characteristics that made the original Vitalink MAX such a huge favourite, but improves on it with the inclusion of EDDHA, which regulates the flow of iron to the plant (allowing it to be absorbed over a wider pH range).
 Another key advance is the addition of fulvic acid, which acts a catalyst for nutrient uptake, ensuring that plants make the best use of everything that’s available to them, improving the all-round efficiency of your grow. Vitalink base nutrients really come into their own when used in conjunction with their range of additives. 

Vitalink – one of the titans of the growing industry

Rigorously tested, reliable and consistent

Formulated for use in the vegetative growth stages

Optimised for use in hydroponic systems

Developed specifically for soft water areas

Large 5 litre sized bottles

Used at between 1ml and 4ml per litre of nutrient solution

Perfect for use with the range of Vitalink boosters and additives

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