Vitalink / Hydrogarden – Dry Flower 4 – Clearing Solution 1 Litre Hydroponics


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Vitalink / Hydrogarden – Dry Flower 1L

Do you want to ensure all nutrients and residues are cleared from the plant during the final stages of growth?
Then use Dry Flower Clearing Solution as it greatly increases yield at the end of the crop by stressing the roots to drive minerals to the reproductive flowers where they are converted into bigger flowers. Where taste and texture is important Dry Flower Clearing Solution makes all the difference. The product can also be used to correct the effects of over-fertilisation.

Use Dry Flower Clearing Solution for 1 to 2 days to reduce and flush out unwanted nutrients from your system and to restore roots back to a healthy feeding pattern. Dry Flower Clearing Solution is not a plant food!

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Flush, Salt Leaching Solution


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