VitaLink – Hydrate – Protects against Effects of Drought Stress Hydroponics


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VitaLink – Hydrate – Protects against drought stress


Arm Your Plants Against the Devastating Effects of Drought
Drought is one of the most destructive things that can ever happen to your plants. Once they’ve dried out, it doesn’t take long before irreversible damage is done. If you’ve ever experienced it, you’ll know just how heart-breaking it is to see weeks of good work undone. Thankfully, the team at Vitalink have a solution: Hydrate works by using a combination of sugar alcohols that have the effect of making plants preserve their moisture levels, so if the worst happens, you’ll have an extra layer of protection that will help to preserve your crop.


Vitalink – one of the titans of the growing industry
A highly cost-effective product that gets the job done
Rigorously tested, reliable and consistent
Protects your plants from the effects of drought
Formulated from a collection of potent bio-stimulants
A must-have in the summer when the risk of drought is higher
Easy to administer – just add it in with your feed
The perfect complementary product for Liquid Ice
A highly concentrated product – used at 0.2ml to 0.6ml per litre!
Works equally well in any medium and in any system


How to use Hydrate:
Hydrate can be used in any growing medium and with any growing system. Add it to your feeding regimen at a rate of between 0.2ml and 0.6ml, depending on the drought risk – the more risk of drought, the higher the dose.


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