VitaLink – Fulvic – Pure Fulvic Extract Fertiliser For Growth & Bigger Yields


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VitaLink – Fulvic – Pure fulvic extract fertiliser


Vitalink Fulvic provides a rich source of Fulvic Acid – a type of organic matter, known as ‘black gold’, that’s found in extremely fertile soils. Fulvic assists plants by helping with the transport of nutrients, using up fertilisers as effectively as possible, which in turn increases yields, enhancing the overall productivity of your indoor garden.

Vitalink – one of the titans of the growing industry
A highly cost-effective product that gets the job done
Rigorously tested, reliable and consistent
Increases the productivity of your indoor garden
"Piggy-backs" nutrients through the plant to where they are needed
Gives faster growth, larger blooms and better quality harvests
Used at a rate of 2.0ml per litre of nutrient solution
Used throughout the grow and bloom stages, finishing just before the final flush
Gets the best results when used alongside Vitalink nutrients and additives

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How Vitalink Fulvic Works:
Vitalink Fulvic is a very effective plant improver for use right the way through your grow from cutting to harvest. Vitalink Fulvic is a source of fulvic acid which is a naturally occurring humate found in soils. It effectively “piggy-backs" nutrients into the plant and then transports them to where they are needed. Using Vitalink Fulvic will result in faster growth, bigger blooms and a better quality.


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