Vitalink – Chill – Ideal For Reducing Plant Heat Stress Hydroponics


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Vitalink – Chill – Reduce Plant Heat Stress over 30 degrees

When temperatures rise above 30 degrees celsius Vitalink Chill will encourage plants to cope and thrive in these adverse conditions to help you achieve maximum yield.  When a plant is subject to extreme heat it can suffer from leaf drop, wilting and may even stop flower production altogether as plants can’t produce growth hormones when excessive heat is present.
The makers of Vitalink Chill have tested it in the greenhouses of the Middle East!

Protects against heat stress
Prevents flower abortion
Allows side shoots to grow on
Produces more growth hormones

How to use Vitalink Chill:
Dosage: 0.3-0.5ml/1L
Chill can also be used as a foliar application, use 5ml/1L on a weekly basis – do not spray to run off.

Vitalink Chill Ingredients:
Nitrogen        2%
Sulphate        5%
Carbon          1.25%
Copper          0.05%
Manganese   0.1%
Magnesium   0.3%
Boron             0.15%
Iron                0.2%
Zinc                0.25%

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