Valoya AP673L LED Light for Professional Horticultural Purposes


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Valoya AP673L LED Light for Professional Horticultural Purposes

The uniqueness of Valoya LEDs is the continuous spectrum of light. To get the desired impact from light, some areas of the light spectrum are suppressed and some are emphasized compared to sun light and the absorption curve of plants. The “right” spectrum for plants is strongly dependent on what the grower wants to achieve.

Valoya’s light spectrums are based on extensive research and testing, done in co-operation with leading research institutes, progressive and skilled customers and in-house. Valoya is continuously broadening its research to new plant species, different growing methods and new applications

Valoya offers four main spectrum types in the R- and B-series products. Common features of the spectra All spectrums are continuous and range at least from 400nm to 700nm.

Valoya AP673 – Growth Spectrum for Leafy Green Vegetables

AP673 is suitable for growing leafy green vegetables, herbs, micro-greens and other plants harvested before flowering. The AP673 spectrum produces high quality plants with balanced size, high fresh weight, good dry weight and strong color, aroma and taste. AP673 is modest on farred and has no UV. Suggested use: A general spectrum for leafy greens, herbs, micro-greens and cress, etc.. Appearance to humans: Peach-tone, quality control possible, good working environment.

Valoya is a provider of energy efficient LED lights for professional horticultural purposes

The core idea of Valoya is to provide better light to plants. Valoya does not do “white light” LEDs for office or street light applications; there is always a plant under our lights. Knowledge about better light is based on extensive academic and practical research on plant behavior to Valoya light. These results have been evaluated and confirmed by professional growers in their own trials or in production use.

The uniqueness of Valoya LEDs is the continuous spectrum of light distributed in different intensities over the wide wavelength range to provide desired results. To date Valoya has customers in several segments. We have plant breeders, growers and research institutions using our lights to grow plants ranging from flowers and vegetables to ornamental trees and algae. Our customers are located in 18 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. The company is privately owned, by its founders and two investors.

Get to know our professional LED grow lights

Valoya offers led lights both for traditional and new production methods. As Valoya is solely focusing on horticultural applications, all company resources are geared towards creating value for the growers. Valoya’s continuous wide spectra are superior in promoting biomass growth, flowering or compactness compared to high pressure sodium or traditional red/blue leds. Valoya’s patent pending technology offers the best light for plants.

Built in all aluminum, Valoya fixtures are very durable with high IP rating. Thanks to passive cooling, there are no potential problems with fans or water cooling thus ensuring maintenance free and energy efficient lighting. Our knowledge of photobiology, light planning and LED technology ensures you the best possible support starting from trials to full scale production.

  • The light spectrum itself is developed for plant growth and made with Valoya proprietary LEDs and hence not limited to what can be done with off-the-shelf red and blue LEDs.
  • The robust fixtures are designed to outlast the LEDs themselves. All Valoya fixtures are passively air cooled, which means no moving parts that have the risk of breaking. The B- and R-series fixtures have IP65 and IP55 ingress protection rating, respectively.
  • High performance power solutions to ensure long use life. Our power units are designed for over 100 000 hours of usage and have an internal IP rating of IP67
  • Our research and development is fully focused to solve our customer’s needs. We have done, and continue to do research at our own facilities, with research institutions globally and with our customers

R-series for Greenhouse Lighting

  • High intensity greenhouse roof lighting
  • Passively cooled with high IP classification
  • Spectra for all horticultural applications

The R-series LED lights offers high intensity lighting with minimal shadow foot print for a wide variety of plants and applications. It is a cost effective HPS replacement due to low energy consumption and minimal maintenance needs. The fixture is passively cooled thus without potential breaking mechanical parts like fans or watercooling parts. R-series products have a IP55 rating making it ideal for usage in tough greenhouse conditions.

Strawberries, University of Helsinki

The Valoya AP67 spectrum induces flowering efficienctly in conditions with no natural light. It enables good vegetative growth of plants and offers humans good working conditions compared to HPS or traditional red/blue LEDs.

With good qualitative results as well as energy saved, University of Helsinki chose Valoya LEDs for their strawberry growth room.

Valoya LEDs for Strawberries

Valoya LEDs provides excellent vegetative growth required for strawberry plants to flower and to produce berries The wide continuous AP67 light spectrum from Valoya also functions as the signal for strawberries to start flowering which in natural conditions would be determined by the photoperiod. Good quality results in combination with pleasant working conditions made University of Helsinki to choose Valoya as supplier for their strawberry growth room.

Strawberry Cultivation

University of Helsinki tested HPS lights, traditional red/blue LEDs and Valoya AP67 LED lights to determine the suitablility as artificial lighting for their growth room. Their requirements were a light with sufficient intensity, overall quality and good performance. The Valoya AP 67 spectum fulfilled their criteria. Under the Valoya LED lights everbearing strawberries flowered after 5 weeks, one week earlier compared to the HPS lights, which induced flowering after 6 weeks from the beginning of the light treatment. In addition, the spectrum of Valoya LED lights allowed stricht control of photoperiodic flowering response.

Leafy Greens, W.S. Bentley

By using Valoya LED lights, growers of leafy greens will achieve reduced costs through lower installed Watts/m2 and faster time to harvest, which also means fewer total hours of illumination per plant. Savings can also be achieved from less use of water, as the lack of directional heat does not dry the plants or their growth subtrates. The even light distribution from the LED fixtures enables better uniformity of the harvest, which may reduce the need for manual sorting of plants.

Valoya led grow lights improve quality and save energy at W.S. Bentley´s (Growers) Ltd

Well established grower W.S Bentley (Growers) Ltd has chosen Valoya grow lights for their pea shootnursery in Snaith. W.S Bentley uses Valoya B150 fixtures as the only artificial light source to grow pea shoots. W.S Bentley grow high quality plants, with very low Watt/m2. Energy savings are over 50% compared to traditional lights.

The Managing Director of W.S. Bentley’s Jan Bentley: ”We did extensive testing of the available lighting solutions for our new facility. We wanted to have the right light spectrum for our plants, as well as high light intensity fixtures, that we could use as moving lights. With Valoya’s LED lights as artificial illumination we got the best quality of pea shoots, while achieving the significant energy savings we were after. I would say that we got the best of both worlds”.


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