U-Gro XL Coco With Rhiza 70L Block Enriched With Endomycorrhizas


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U-Gro XL Coco Rhiza block


UGro XL Rhiza is a 5-kilo brick of pressed and dehydrated coco peat mixed with endomycorrhizae (5%). The coco comes in small particles, with a low percentage of fibres. With only 18 litres of water, it yields up to 70 litres of high quality coco peat.

Looking for better results? An improved root system? Try UGro XL Rhiza. Our traditional coco bale has been enriched with endomycorrhizas to create this new mix that will take good care of your plants. Thanks to a symbiotic association with the roots, endomycorrhizal fungi can provide extra nutrients and moisture to the plants. They grow as thin filaments that penetrate cell walls, thus forming an extension of the plant root system. They also improve the plants ability to tolerate diseases and pests.


Advantages of UGro XL Rhiza
The plant root system is extended with the formation of an extensive filament system within the soil.
It offers the roots a better uptake of water and nutrients, saving you up to 50% of water and fertilizer.
Your plants will better resist stress and disease.
It is suitable for all types of cultures, outdoors and indoors. Perfect for short-term/seasonal crops.
pH subject to change due to the organic nature of the product



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