Tubular Eco Greenhouse Heaters- 2ft Water proof heater 80w Cut Out


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Tubular Grow Room Heaters- 2ft Water proof heater

Greenhouse heaters are one of the most energy efficient ways of providing low-cost ambient heating and frost protection in greenhouses, cold frames, sheds, garages and conservatories – whatever the conditions.

If you encounter cold conditions in your grow room you will need to raise the temperatures to maintain the best level for your plants to thrive and these tubular greenhouse and grow room heaters will certainly do the job.

A common time for your temperatures to drop too low is when your grow lights turn off, greatly reducing the heat inside the room. Using a tubular heater to maintain the temperature when your lights are off can solve all of your cold problems.

These water proof heaters have two feet to mount them slightly off the floor, so all of the heat produced rises into your room and not into the floor and they are fitted with a moulded plug.

Heaters are designed to use far less electricity than a fan heater, whilst being a cleaner alternative to paraffin heaters. In addition, their IP55 compliance ensures a hose and sprinkle resistance that makes them safe to use in all growing environments – including grow tents.

A 2ft heater can be used with a grow tent up to 1.2 square.

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