Trounce – Spider Mite Killer 1 Litre 100% Organic Pest Control Spray Bottle


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Trounce – Spider Mite Killer 1L 100% Organic Pest Control Spray Bottle

Trounce Plant Insecticide is a fast acting highly effective and concentrated natural insecticide that provides broad-spectrum control of a variety of insect pests including aphids, whitefly, caterpillars, spider mites and selected beetles.

Safer’s Trounce is a natural, organic pesticide, much better for the environment because the natural solutions break down and do not persist to cause residual effects, or long lasting effects. The fruits and vegetables harvested by gardening organic will reach their full natural taste and potential.

Spider mite pesticide approved for amateur use.
Natural and Organic
Use Trounce up until the day of harvest
The only amateur use pest control product for Spider Mite containing both pyrethrums and fatty acids
Safe to use on flowering plants
Trounce plant insecticide concentrate kills insects such as spider mite, aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs and more on contact. Its potassium salts disrupt and weaken the insect’s protective outer shell. The pyrethrums kill by disabling the insect’s nervous system. Trounce contains: pyrethrums and potassium salts of fatty acids (insecticidal soap). Containing only natural ingredients, Trounce won’t leave a harmful residue on the plants. It has a pleasant fragrance that doesn’t leave a “chemical smell” in the home.

Things you need to know:

Time product has been selling for 15 years
Apply to edible / consumable plants YES you can
Contains Thiamethoxam (neonicotinoid) NO it does not
Can you apply to flowering plants YES
Can you apply up to last day of harvest YES
Organic and Natural YES
Is it Biodegradable YES
Trounce is a unique formulation of naturally derived fatty acids and pyrethrum. It does not leave a harmful residue on the plant’s foliage nor does it emit a foul odour. May be used on edible crops up to the day before harvest. Wash fruits and vegetables before using.


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