Trimpro Automatic “Automatik” Powerful Leaf Trimming Machine ( Special Offer )


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Trimpro Automatic "Automatik" Powerful Leaf Trimming Machine


Are you tired of spending many long boring hours trimming your plants? Have you considered hiring some help, but held back because you were concerned about having to deal with inefficient and unreliable people?

I experienced all kinds of “personality” nightmares and general headaches in harvesting until I decided to try my first electric plant trimmer!

Equipped with a powerful three phase motor mated with a variable speed dimmer, height adjustable four (4) blades assembly and a circular hermetic structure that creates a whirlwind effect, the Trimpro Automatik is the fastest and safest way to trim your plants.

The Trimpro Automatik V2 is the best way to trim your plants fast!
Two persons (or more!) can work on this machine simultaneously, when the hopper is removed.

1. Remove the hopper and use like the Trimpro and move the produce backwards and forwards over the grate until all the surplus vegative matter has been removed.
2. With the hopper in place, simply fill the top vessle and allow the Automatik to do its work. Expect to commercially strip a large hydroponically grown plant in approx 10 seconds!
For trimming, separate the fresh flowers from the branches, put them into the upper container of the trimmer and let the Trimpro Automatik do the rest

Gentle on the flowers is mostly a question of perception, The Automatik uses airflow to move around the flowers inside the machine, The flowers spin around and rub against the grate, the leaves go through and get chopped by the blade under the grate. The Rotor uses a finger system that rubs the flowers against the grate, the leaves then get aligned with the slots on the grate so that the blade Underneath chops them off. Some people don’t like the fact that air pressure is moving the flowers and prefer to have fingers rolling the flowers around. Some people don’t like the fact fingers are touching their flowers and prefer to have air moving their flowers around. There is not much difference in how much the flowers get ”damaged” as you say, check out these videos of the Automatik and Rotor respectively to see the finish product. Both have close-ups at the end and are both in HD, so you can see in good detail.
Trim job is basically the same on all our machines, the proximity of the cut is just a question of blade height adjustment, which we set equally in the shop. Changing the height of your blade is as easy as loosening a few screws on the side of the blade’s hub, playing with the top screw for the height and then re-tightening the side screws to lock into position.

For the big guys I prefer not to put them into the machine since there is A maximum size (I don’t like to break up a foot long flower to fit it into the machine) What people will usually do is use a standard Trimpro for the big flowers as you simply run them over the top of the machine and toss the smaller flowers into an automated machine like the Rotor or Automatik. If you only have the Rotor or Automatik you can take the top automated part off and use it as a Trimpro, though using it like this is not as efficient as a standard Trimpro since the machines were designed with an intended process (i.e. the Automatik grate has concentric circles to help the spinning air flow while the Trimpro has straight slots since you’re moving the plant back and forth over the grate). Without the top automated part, the Automatik is easier and more efficient, but both machines were designed to be used with the top on.

Fastest is the the Automatik, the Rotor does about half to 3/4 of the processing speed of the Automa


Never place your fingers, gloves or any other body part in contact with the grate or the blade.

Never apply pressure on the grate.
Do not use scissors, knives or any instrument above the grate.
Safety glasses and gloves are required at all time. The gloves have to be tight enough so they don’t get inside the grate slots. A loose glove is dangerous.

The manufacturer does not accept any responsibility for damages caused to or by the trimmers resulting from an inadequate use or assembly. Use the trimmers in accordance with existing laws and regulations.

FORMAT: Mounted machine: 18" x 24.5" x 41" Packaging: 22" x 22" x 24"
WEIGHT: Approximated Weight: 79 lbs
MATERIAL: Frame: Aluminium Grate: Steel
GRATE: Trimpro Automatik (STD): Slot size 1/4"



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