Trim Bin Trimming Tray By Harvest-More The Premier trim tray


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Get the most from your harvest with this complete Trim Bin set. HarvestMore offers you an ergonomic bin and accessories to use when it’s time to trim those plants. Reduce strain and eliminate worrisome stress with an herbal collecting bin that is a multi-tasking workhorse.


The sturdy design and lightweight construction makes the TrimBin totally adaptable to any environment. Now you have a fully functional product that allows you to breeze through those plant trimming duties.


Saves you valuable time and energy Improves your harvesting efficiency and organization

This kit includes the collection bins, 150 micron steel screen and a handy brush for clean-up chores. Every item has a specific use and purpose that growers will definitely appreciate.


Product Features:

Portable design with top and bottom bin sections
Easy to clean
Static brush allows you to control and collect wasted pollen
Tray is constructed from only recyclable materials
Ergonomically designed for user comfort (and to prevent stress injuries)
Stainless steel (150 micron sized) sifting screen


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