TNB – Naturals CO2 Enhancer Getting CO2 to your Plants 100% organic Hydroponics


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TNB – Naturals CO2 Enhancer Getting CO2 to your Plants 100% organic

TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Getting CO2 to your Plants 100% organic

The Enhancer is an all natural CO2 generator made from 100% organic ingredients. This safe an effective solution for CO2 supplementation creates a blast of CO2 that can reach 1200 PPM in a 12x12x12 area for up to 2 weeks.

Activate The Enhancer by adding 1 litre of warm water, placing the lid back on, removing the sticker on the lid, covering the small hole with your thumb and giving the bottle a quick shake. The Enhancer works off the natural phenomena known as photosynthesis and will begin to disperse CO2 within a few minutes of being activated.

For optimal performance shake The Enhancer once a day in a 12x12x12 area and once every second day in a 6x6x6 area. The simplicity and ease of use, along with the fact that The Enhancer does not produce heat or require any additional equipment, make this the future of CO2 production.

Refill Pack

The CO2 Enhancer by TNB Naturals now is available in an awesome and affordable refill pack!

The TNB CO2 Refill Pack will now provide you with the ability to reuse their existing Enhancer bottle; this can help you saving money and reduce your environmental footprint at the same time.

Simply empty the contents of the original bottle and give the bottle a quick rinse. The contents of the refill pack can be added and instant CO2 is once again available for maximum plant development.

Boosting plant production, growth speeds and improving overall health, CO2 is an essential element of photosynthesis and often one of the most overlooked components of plant growth. With CO2, your plants can reach their full genetic potential!

The TNB CO2 Refill Pack consists of the same great recipe while also combining convenience and an amazing option for those looking for passive CO2.

TNB – The Enricher Natural Plant Booster 500g

The Enricher from TNB Naturals is perfect for all types of plants at all stages of growth, from the first day of vegetation to the last two weeks of flowering. It promotes better yields, greener plants, faster germination, more blooms, stronger plants, and bigger roots. The unique blend of magnesium and citric acid dissolves instantly when added to water and aids in the activation of numerous plant enzymes required in the growth process. It also assists in the breakup of insoluble, oxidized micronutrients and makes them available for uptake, conditioning the soil at the same time. The Enricher increases essential oils and resin production while reducing the risk of blossom rot and improving overall flavor.

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