SureAir – Spray & Power Blast – Odour Neutralizing Spray Odour Control


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SureAir – Spray & Power Blast – Odour Neutralizing Spray Odour Control

Sureair sprays are a liquid concentrate. The spray has been designed to increase its’ effectiveness, minimising the time it takes the atomized droplets to permeate the environment into which they are released. This provides a quicker and more intense action against unwanted odours.

The spray are available in three scents: Bubblegum, Cotton Fresh and Lemon and in two sizes: 250mL

Power Blasts
Power Blasts – Laundry Day, Cherry and Water Melon

Clean citrus and fresh laundry, cherry and water melon fragrances.

Power Blasts are particularly suitable where there is a need to fragrance large areas, or eliminate pungent odours quickly and effectively. Power Blasts leave a lingering fine fragrance which will combat odours for long periods.

Tip: To increase fragrance life still further, spray your Power Blast onto fabrics – always use an inconspicuous test area first!

Because of the effectiveness of the fragrance, it is recommended that a room is left unoccupied for a short period after application. This allows the fragrance to disperse, settle and mature.

Laundry Day available in 750mL aerosol.
Laundry Day, Cherry and Water Melon available in 500mL aerosol.
Spray one short burst around the room.
Point the nozzle slightly upwards and away from the body.
Do not spray on polished surfaces.
Remove any overspray with a dampened cloth.
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