Superthrive Plant Vitamins Hormones Stress Relief 60ML


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Superthrive Plant Vitamins Hormones Stress Relief 60ML


To help your plants grow and remain healthy, it is necessary to provide them with sufficient nutrients. Superthrive is not a nutrient but a vitamin and hormone solution that can take care of all your plant’s needs from seedling to harvest.


SUPERthrive has been specially formulated and is packed with 50 vitamins and hormones that are essential to plant growth and overall health. This compound also works great on plant cuttings as it helps to minimize plant damage due to transplant shock and improves the success rate of a difficult transplant. Simply add a drop of the concentrate to a gallon of water and you are good to go.


SUPERthrive has been used for over five decades and works on all plants.


Product features:

Non-toxic and non-polluting
Easy to use and works under a variety of climatic conditions
Excellent value for money

This is an unopened sealed bottle; we sometimes seal the lid with black insulation tape as an extra precaution especially for International orders.


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