SunMaster – 600W – 400V Dual Spectrum – Perfect For Growth & Bloom Hydroponics


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SunMaster – 600W – 400V Dual Spectrum – Perfect For Growth & Bloom Hydroponics


The NEW Sunmaster 400V 600W Lamps are are a great low cost alternative to the market leading Philips MASTER GreenPower Plus lamps.
The Sunmaster 400V 600W Lamps have been specially designed for use with professional 400V electronic lighting systems, this technology was, until recently, only available to the professional horticultural industry, but has now been engineered to run from a standard 240V mains supplies. Producing lots of blue and red light (full spectrum), these sensational bulbs will stimulate incredible growth from your plants during both the vegetative and flowering stages. The addition of blue light helps plants to stay healthy throughout the flowering stage and prevents stretching. Furthermore, the 400V capabilities (through your standard 240V connection) guarantee that the light output remains high and stable for consistently outstanding results.
It’s not hard to see why 400V lamps feature in commercial greenhouses all around the world, given that they register far higher light output ratings than alternative models. 400V 600W Lamps produce 10% more PAR output(usable plant light) per watt than a conventional HPS lamp which means 8% more grow light & 10% higher yields. 
 Use with high frequency, 400V electronic ballasts
Full spectrum lamp
8% more grow light & 10% higher yields
Incredible PAR output: 1120 μmol
These lamps must ONLY be used with professional 400 volt electronic lighting systems.


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