Sicce utility Ultrazero Thermoplastic Submersible Drainage Pump Hydroponics


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Sicce utility Ultrazero Thermoplastic Submersible Drainage Pump Hydroponics


The Sicce Utility Ultra Zero pump is fully submersible and sits on the base of your nutrient tank and is designed to pump cloudy waters without fibre content.

It will pull the nutrient from as little as 2mm depth to ensure that no sludge forms. The housing is made of thermoplastic and will not rust or corrode. It features an easy access handle with a removable base for cleaning.


Ultra Zero is intended mainly for domestic use, in fixed applications or with manual operation, for draining tanks, aquariums, basements and garages subject to flooding or for collecting rainwater.


It is a multi-purpose pump to solve all kinds of minor do-it-yourself problems in which water must be eliminated or moved.

No tools are needed to install Ultra Zero, nor for routine maintenance. Easy to use, Ultra Zero features a series of solutions that make it very functional and extremely easy to handle.


Drains tanks
Drains aquariums
Removes standing water
Feeds waterfalls and fountain
Drains clogged sinks


The Ultra Zero can even be used for watering gardens, for washing the car or draining children’s pools

Flow Rate – 3000l/hr
Head Max – 3.1m
Size – (Ø) 120 x (h) 150mm
Cord – 10m
Discharge – 3/4"


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