Secret Jardin – DP – Dark Propagator REV2.6 REV4 – Propagation Tents Hydroponics


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Secret Jardin – Dark Propagator – DP Range Rev 2.6 – Grow Tent


 Dark Propagator – DP 60 – 60cm x 40cm x 60cm Rev 4 Model 2018 – Now with free Cable Flanges & Ducting 

The Secret Jardin DP60 Grow Tent measures 60cm x 40cm x 60cm.
Secret Jardin mini grow tent – Dp60 propagation tent for seedlings and small plants, fully equiped and ready for equipment to be added, excellent product

Features include:
100% Light tight. You can put it in a corner of your main grow room and it won’t affect the dark cycle
10kg roof support. So doubles as a table, the floor space is not wasted
Perfect for use with a PL2 propagation light and standard propagator
Easy to clean, removable floor tray


 Dark Propagator – DP 90 – 90cm x 60cm x 90cm Rev 4 Model 2018 – Now with free Cable Flanges & Ducting 

The DP90 Grow Tent from Secret Jardin measures 90cm long by 60cm wide by 90 cm high.

It’s a great little tent for holding seedlings or cuttings under fluorescent lighting within a dedicated light-tight chamber. It will comfortably hold two standard propagators so two trays of 77 propagation cubes of two trays of 40 Jiffy pellets can be accommodated with ease

Measures 90x60x90cm
Galvanized steel 16mm poles
Mylar 190T for superior reflectivity(95%) & fewer hotspots


 Dark Propagator -DP 120 – 120cm x 60cm x 40cm (40-40)cm 

The DP120 comes complete with removable shelves and a full set of trays offering great versatility. For example half of each shelf can be removed to allow a mother plant to be growing in one end of the tent whilst the other half is given over to three levels of propagators. Another format would be one mother plant, one standard propagator and an additional larger area (more height space) for more established seedlings or cuttings.

The DP120 is a professional product dedicated to the seedings and cuttings
Up to 792 cuttings at a time! (3 floors x 4 trays x 66 cubes of 1" side)
The removable Grids & Trays allow users to include growing, mother plants & flowering as well
The permissive & light proof fabric included allows users to get the same T° & H% on each floor


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