Rush R-DWC – 82cm 2 Lane 4 Pots 60L With Flexitank 100L Hydroponic System


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Rush R-DWC – 82cm 2 Lane 4 Pots 60L with Flexitank 100L

Rush RDWC take deep water culture growing to the next level. With up to 34 full nutrient recirculations per hour, no timer to manage and little media used RUSH systems are a combination of simplicity, high end components and spectacular results.

The 6.5L mesh pots hang into the DWC chamber where an air stone creates a stream of bubbles from the nutrient solution which is constantly circulating through the pots.
The roots are constantly fed by the fresh, highly oxygenated nutrient solution resulting in exceptionally fast root growth.

Over and under-watering are prevented in RUSH. This RDWC method of growing allows plants to feed as much as they need, whenever they need it.

circulation per hour: 30
Footprint L x W (m): 3.7 x 1.4
flexitank volume:100L
air pump:ET30
water pump:NJ4500

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Rush R-DWC


Deep Water Culture


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