Root!t – Sponge Propagation kit x24 – what you need for Seeds & Cuttings.


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ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponge Propagation Kit

Ideal for beginners, the Root!t Propagator Kit contains what you need to raise healthy seeds and cuttings.

The kit comes complete with a high quality seed tray propagator and a 24 cell insert and tray filled with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges that offer the latest and fastest rooting available today.

It also comes with a sterile scalpel and sachets of ROOT!T Rooting Gel and ROOT!T First Feed as well as a ‘How to’ guide on how to grow from cutting or seeds

Utilising the same technology from NASA for growing plants in weightless conditions. The new rootit sponge media has a unique dual planting hole for seeds and cuttings and is available in a great new range of propagation products.

rootit is made from 90% organic ingredients comprising of peat and bark material bonded together with plant derived biodegradable polymers that allow the product to biodegrade after use. This material acts as binding agent giving it a sponge like texture and is incredibly light weight! It allows greater absorption of water while retaining the perfect air to water ratio. The product’s structure is incredibly stable, therefore, giving you healthier and more controlled rooting.

The unique rootit plugs have a double aperture for planting seeds or cuttings. The first hole allows you to plant your seeds at the correct depth. The other hole is longer and thinner to help make cuttings root easier while providing the perfect depth and volume to apply the correct amount of a new revolutionary rooting gel called ‘Gel4Plugs’ also available from Aquaculture.   

24 cell root!t sponges
Root!t first feed
Root!t gel for plugs rooting gel

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