Revolution Vector EC In-line Fan 200mm Max Airflow 1332m3 Silent Running


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Revolution Vector EC In-line Fan 200mm Max Airflow 1332m3

Finally, a Silent Running and efficient fan thanks to the new revolutionary frictionless EC motor
When it comes to ventilating your grow room it has always been the aim for it to be as powerful yet as quiet as physically possible, which up until now has been a case of choosing one or the other. There have been many inline fans that are housed in cases that help to silence the vibrations caused by the fan its self but now there is a fan available that runs truly silently. The Revolution Vector EC series of fans from System Air have been designed to move air as efficiently, effectively and quietly as possible.
Silent running, no vibration
Reactive temperature technology
Transport huge amounts of air
High pressure
Low electricity Use
Highly Efficient
Smooth, frictionless motion
Long-life motor
Air is concentrated in a specific direction, rather than dispersal
Minimal pressure loss
2-year guarantee
Air-tight, leak-proof Unit
Option to double pressure with fans in series
These inline fans incorporate an EC (electronically communicated) motor that is controlled by a separate fan speed controller that uses reactive temperature technology. This is a brand new design feature that makes your fan react to sharp or gradual temperature changes in your room, keeping your climate incredibly stable and as close to your desired setting as possible. The motor within the Revolution fans are completely brushless and use magnets to rotate the impellers.This means that the motor will never wear out and will run completely silently as there is no friction involved at all. The Revolution fans have included aerodynamically optimised impellers (fan blades) that create a sharp point of air that is easily directed in a specific direction, rather than dispersing once it leaves the outlet.

The Revolution inline fans housing is constructed from a high grade special composite material and is formed as one single piece. This means it is has a completely air tight construction so there is no chance of any leaks from the unit. The video (see tech tab) shows other inline fans as well as the Revolution fan tested for leaks. The footage speaks for its self.
These extremely efficient fans shift huge quantities of air in an effective manner whilst using almost half the amount of electricity compared to an equivalently powered fan. no only do they use much less electricity on full power but when the fan is running at lower speeds it will use less power still. This will save the end user significant amounts of money on their power bills over time.
The Revolution fans are available in 6, 8 and 10-inch sizes. If you need more air movement than the 10” model can pull, this is no problem as you can put these fans in series which will double the power. There is also no limit to the number of fans you can run from one EC fan controller meaning you can create in an incredibly powerful chain of fans if you need to. 

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