Reinold Max – STOP FIRE – Fire Extinguisher For Home 500 g


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Reinold Max – STOP FIRE – Fire Extinguisher For Home 500 g


ReinoldMax contains a mixture of water and firefighting foam AFFF approved by the ULC Committee # ULC-S564-06 foam is non-toxic and harmless to health and the environment. You can spray the product ReinoldMax on a cloth or skin without causing any irritation.


The foaming agent ReinoldMax separates the oxygen from the fire. After application it cools the area that was burned by the fire very quickly. The foam not only to extinguish the flames, it also has the effect of preventing any type of fire to revive forming a cooling foamy layer on the surface of the lamp.

ReinoldMax of firefighting foam is cleaned and leaves no trace, which is used to retrieve equipment that have not been damaged by fire.


Ideal for extinguishing all types of fire in cars, boats, offices, houses. Nontoxic, environment-friendly, stain-resistant. Can be used to extinguish fires including electric equipment up to 10000v in 1m distance. Extinguishing agent type AFFF, Propellant – N2.


Off all types of fires: Classes of fires: 3A 13B C 5K
Solids: Wood, Fabric, Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Rubber (tire)
Liquid fuel: Gasoline, Oil, Solvent Paint.
Electrical equipment: electrical appliances, motor.
Cooking device: Oil, grease, butter.
ReinoldMax also off some metal fires.
Storage temperature -20 ° C use … + 50 ° C


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