RAM – Air-Pro II Fan Speed Controller Twin Fan Speed Silent Climate Temperature


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RAM Air-Pro ll Fan Speed Controller – High Power Controller New 2017 Model


This high powered RAM AIR-PRO is a fan speed controller capable of 8 amps per channel

with a total output of 16amps. 

If you want a fan speed controller that’s capable of helping you more closely manage grow room temperatures and are keen to avoid doing any wiring then check out this RAM Air-Pro unit!


Idle Speed Control Knob
This controls the minimum speed that both fans will attain. This happens when the air temperature falls below your chosen temperature setting.


Balance Control Knob
This control adjusts the differential between the intake fan and exhaust fan. This is in order to maintain the correct balance of intake to extraction when using similarly sized and rated fans. When this knob is turned all the way anti-clockwise (0%), there will be no difference between the two fan speeds. When the control is turned all the way clockwise (100%), the extraction fan will run at twice the speed of the intake fan. This means that an effective negative pressure can be obtained and easily adjusted at any time.


Temperature Control Knob
This knob is simply used to set the desired growroom temperature from 5 to 45 degrees. When the knob is being operated, the digital numerical display will show the required temperature with a small dot at the right hand side.


Digital Numerical Display
When temperature is being set or adjusted, the digital numerical display will show the target temperature. When adjustment is completed and the control is no longer being moved, it will display the actual temperature measured by the temp sensor. When the actual room temperature rises higher than the user’s pre-set desired temperature and the fan controller is trying to cool the room, the numerical display will flash while displaying the actual room temperature.
Finally, if there is a fault or failure with the temp sensor, the digital numerical display will be blank apart from two small dots (bottom left and bottom right). In this case, the controller will default the fan speed to 50%, whilst maintaining a differential between the intake and exhaust fans.


LED Indicator
When the controller is effectively maintaining and controlling the temperature, this LED light will be constantly on. When the room temperature is lower than the user’s pre-set desired temperature this LED will flash.


Reset Button
This is a simple circuit breaker that will trip to protect the controller should it ever overload. If tripped, simply disconnect the unit from the main power and press the reset button and the controller will be ready to use again. 

The perfect companion for your hydroponics growroom or tent!


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