Plant Vitality – Plant Boosters & Root Stimulators Full Range 1L Hydroponics


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Plant Vitality – Boosters Full Range 1L 


Cal Mag Nitrate

Plant vitality Cal Mag Nitrate has been developed to help combat nutrient deficiencies that can so often occur in fast growing plants. Many growers have experienced a deficiency of one nutrient or another in their gardens and quite often it is Nitrogen, Calcium or Magnesium that is lacking. By using Cal Mag supplements you will be ensuring your plants have all the materials they need as well as a blend of trace elements to continue growing to their maximum potential.


End Of Days

Plant Vitality End of Days is a triple purpose product that can be used at various stages of the plants life.

Pre Bloom – Use End of Days when switching to bloom. This will help eradicate any grow nutrients that remain in the plant and stimulate enzyme production in the root zone in preparation for blooming.

Post Bloom – Where most flush liquids are used. After an intense blooming phase, there can be an accumulation of salts and heavy metals in the plants tissues which can leave a bitter taste in your fruits if they are not removed. End of days has been scientifically designed to do exactly that which improves the quality and taste of your produce.

Over fertilization – We’ve all overdone it at some point or another and fed our plants too much. The resulting lock up is detrimental to plants as they cannot reach their maximum potential. End of Days will help clear the excess and return your media to a much healthier state, ready to be fed again.


Nano Silicate +

Plant Vitality Nano Silicate + is a silicon additive that aims to strengthen cell walls making your plants stronger and more able to bear heavy fruits. This extra strength will also help the plant to withstand poor conditions including drought, overwatering, extremes of heat and cold. When plants are grown outside, the constant buffering by the wind helps plants to stiffen up and grow strong. Indoor grow rooms do not really have those conditions so growers use silicon supplements to keep plants strong.

The added benefit of stronger cell walls is biting and sucking insects have a harder time burrowing into the plants, which means the plant keeps its integrity for longer making the treatment window that much bigger.

Plant Vitality Nano Silicate + also helps in the transportation of carbohydrates in plants, getting sugars into the fruit, and unlocks Calcium in the grow medium, making it more available to the plant. It also assists in the movement of Nitrogen around the plant which keeps everything green and healthy.


R.Z.M. (Root Zone Mass)

Plant Vitality Root Zone Mass is a powerful root stimulator suitable for use in any growing media or hydroponics. It is comprised of NPK nutrients, Humic acid, Fulvic acid, vitamins, proteins and Lecithin. The plant will gain explosive growth in the root zone early in the plants life and continuing into maturity.


S.A.S (Sterilizing Agent Solution)

Plant Vitality S.A.S (Sterilising Agent Solution) prevents pathogens such as pythium/ root rot and scarab fly from taking hold. It will also help keep tubes, drippers, filters and pumps free of obstructions and helps everything flow as is should in systems by keeping excess salt build up in check. Sometimes growers experience issues of clogging or insect attack and know how detrimental they can be. Used as a preventative, S.A.S is a great way to protect your plants against future problems. Peace of mind in a bottle!

Plant Vitality S.A.S is suitable for use in any hydroponic system including NFT, DWC or flood and drain. Of course, if you are hand watering it is fine too! Also, it’s fine for using in any substrate from soil and coco to hydroponic media such as rockwool and pebbles. For best results, we always suggest following the manufacturers grow schedule. This way you know your plants will be getting everything it needs at the right time.


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