Plant Vitality – Plant Boosters & Root Stimulator 250ml & B.P.M Treatment


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Plant Vitality – Boosters Full Range 250ml


Root Zone Mass – 250ml 

Plant Vitality Root Zone Mass is a powerful root stimulator suitable for use in any growing media or hydroponics. It is comprised of NPK nutrients, Humic acid, Fulvic acid, vitamins, proteins and Lecithin. The plant will gain explosive growth in the root zone early in the plants life and continuing into maturity.

Plant Vitality Root Zone Mass increases nutrient uptake rate and metabolic potential. Combined with nano particles, the absorbency rate of nutrients will be extremely high. Plants, flowers and fruits will grow stronger larger and faster.
As an added bonus, using Root Zone Mass will give the plant an extra layer of protection against disease and fungus.
All in all, a great product to help increase the size and weight of harvest!


B.P.M. ( Botrytis Powdery Mildew )

Plant Vitality B.P.M is mixed with water and used as a foliar spray to help prevent and cure Botrytis and Powdery Mildew. If humidity gets too high in your grow room the risk of these debilitating diseases taking hold increases, which can destroy large amounts of your fruits.

B.P.M is a blend of organic, essential oils and plant extracts (Terpenes) that generations of gardeners have used for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Before use shake REALLY well!!

Plant Vitality B.P.M is suitable for use in any hydroponic system including NFT, DWC or flood and drain. Of course, if you are hand watering it is fine too! Also, it’s fine for using in any substrate from soil and coco to hydroponic media such as rockwool and pebbles. For best results, we always suggest following the manufacturers grow schedule. This way you know your plants will be getting everything it needs at the right time.

Humic 101

Plant Vitality Humic 101 from is an additive that boosts nutrient transportation, plant health and root growth. It activates the biological enzyme system in the plant and encourages co-enzymes which are all important in the plants chemical exchange processes.

Increases soil fertility which improves root environment
Improves humus content
Effectively chelates metals which makes them easier to absorb
Enhances soil phosphate availability
Helps to break down unproductive clay soils into more usable media

Anabolic Plant Roids

Plant Vitality Anabolic Plant Roids contains natural steroids found in plants and can be used either as part of your nutrient feed mix or as a foliar spray. Your plants will experience a surge in metabolic rate which means all the plant processes will occur at an increased rate. This will make roots grow quicker, flowers get bigger and fruits get heavier. Can be used from a very early stage – the bottle says “no plant is too young to get juiced!”

Plant Vitality Anabolic Plant Roids increases cell production in plants which results in faster growth and can also help in the defence against pathogens. Plant Roids may be just what you need to get an extra boost – and not a single protein shake in sight!


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