Plant Vitality – Hydro Grow – 1L Growth Stimulator Hydroponics


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Plant Vitality – Hydro Grow – 1L Growth Stimulator Hydroponics


Not all products are created equally, the complex nano particle infused mix of Plant Vitality’s Hydro range pushes the boundaries of plant growth. All ingredients have been packed into one easy to use bottle, due to particle size and bio availability the technology of this nano-generation nutrient is like no other. Potential is increased with greater surface area for quicker absorbency by plants. Because of this equipment failure (pumps, jets, pipes, filters etc) through blockages is also less likely.


Advantages of PV Hydro Range
Plant Vitality is THE world leader in nano particle product, meaning in real terms to you and your plants?

Faster growing
Greater and larger flower development
Reduction in time to harvest
Greater resistance to drought and disease


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