Plant Magic Plus – Try Pack 250ml – 1L – 5L Root Stimulant, Ignition & Magne Cal


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Plant Magic Plus – Try – Pack 250ml – 1L – 5L – Booster Pack


The Plant Magic Try Pack features three high quality additives from the plant magic range that allows you to sample their quality. It contains Root Stimulant, Ignition and Magne Cal; 3 of the most popular products in the range. This set is works well alongside your usual base nutrient so you can easily see what difference it makes in comparison with your usual additives. Of course, it works incredibly well with Plant Magic nutrients and boosters.


Plant Magic Ignition – Plant Magic Ignition is an additive that is for use at the end of the grow phase and the first few weeks of flowering. It is a powerful blend of bio stimulants that trigger the formation of flowers and flowering sites. This extra push at the start gives the plant more potential to raise the end yield by increasing number and quality of blooms. Most of the contents of Plant Magic Ignition come from seaweed extracts. Gardeners that know their stuff will tell you, seaweed makes a huge difference to the growth and health of plants. It contains no artificial PGR compounds.


Plant Magic Root Stimulant – Plant Magic Root Stimulator is a powerful root boosting additives that give your plants an ideal environment in which to thrive. It comprises many ingredients that are greatly enhance the plants ability to grow strong, white roots that have a huge surface area. This means your plants have access to an enormous amount of nutrition as and when it needs it. In each bottle of Plant Magic Root Stimulator you will find humates, enzymes, seaweed extracts hormones and more! These all combine to create one seriously powerful root booster.


Plant Magic Magne Cal+ – Plant Magic Magne-Cal+ is an additive to help correct a lack of magnesium and calcium that can occur when plants are growing rapidly. As the demand for Phosphorus and Potassium increases so does the demand for Magnesium and Calcium. It is vital to have the correct ratio which Magne-Cal + has. It will also stop Magnesium and Calcium deficiencies as well as giving the plant a food source to green up the leaves.



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