Plant Magic Plus – Platinum 120ml – PK Booster


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Plant Magic Platinum – 120ml – PK Booster

Platinum is no ordinary PK booster. Alongside the usual blend of flower-enhancing phosphorus and potassium are a mix of nitrogen, bio stimulants, amino acids and high levels of sulphur. The team at Plant Magic have formulated Platinum so that it provides a complex range of ingredients that work together to enhance the effects of the phosphorus and potassium, pushing plants to their absolute limits during their most crucial stages.

It’s well established that phosphorus and potassium are the two most important macronutrients for the flowering stages. But these nutrients are made exponentially more effective when there is an adequate source of complimentary nutrients. The Team at Plant Magic have created Platinum to be one of the most comprehensive boosters on the market supplying plants with everything they need for intense growth during the later flowering stages.

The powerful bio stimulants found in Plant Magic Platinum work to increase something called cation exchange capacity. A cation is an ion (an electrically charged atom) with fewer electrons than protons, thus creating a positive charge. Cation exchange capacity is used to measure the fertility levels of soil, acting as an indicator of the medium’s ability to hold onto essential nutrients – the better the exchange of cations, the more available nutrients are to the plant. These bio stimulants also act to enhance root structure, while working to break plant food down into forms that are more useable.

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