Plant Magic Plus – Evolution Foliar Spray – Root & Growth Enhancer Hydroponics


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Plant Magic Plus – Evolution Foliar Spray – Root & Growth Enhancer

Plant Magic – Evolution Spray is one of those truly impressive products that comes along just once in a while.Evolution Spray gives your plants an incredible growth spurt while improving their health at the same time. Evolution has already become a firm favourite with our customers. We absolutely love it and can’t recommend it enough.

Plant Magic – Evolution Spray is a foliar spray containing a wealth of plant health and growth accelerating ingredients. Evolution Spray contains bio-stimulants, natural plant hormones, sugars, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids along with humic acids and fulvic acids. The bio-stimulants and natural plant hormones improve photosynthesis and really kick a plant’s growth speed up a gear. The sugars provide lots of energy to power the growth spurt while the vitamins, trace elements and amino acids help to ensure that the plant has all the extra micro-nutrients it needs to produce the extra growth, not only in the top of the plant but also help build a better root structure too.

The organic compounds along with humic and fulvic acids in Plant Magic Evolution help to very effectively deliver all the ingredients into the plant. A couple of days after spraying you will notice an amazing improvement in plant health and growth speed, with lateral growth greatly increased. Brilliant product.

Plant health in a foliar spray!

Evolution – Gives your plants an incredible growth spurt
Increases lateral and vertical growth
Encourages lots of new shoots – great for mother plants
Gives your plants a superb start in early flowering
Great for use on plants grown in any medium and any grow-system
Outstanding feedback from our customers – already a firm favourite!
Comes in it’s own spray-bottle


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Plant Magic Plus


Root & Growth Enhancer




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