Plant Magic Plus – Coco Coir 50L Hydroponic Growing Media


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Plant Magic Plus – Coco Coir 50L Hydroponic Growing Media


Plant Magic Plus Coco Coir is a natural growing medium producing high yields with outstanding plant health and performance as well as enhancing taste and aroma from fruiting crops.


Quality control is our number one priority; this is why our Coco Coir is developed and packaged to the industry’s highest standards. NO heat treatment is carried out on this Coir allowing the characteristics to remain intact just as it should be. The naturally occurring fungus, Trichoderma, remains evident and is beneficial to your fruiting crops.

This Coir undergoes a special buffering and rinsing process that ensures that the medium is fine-tuned to give outstanding performance in terms of plant vigour, high yields and super healthy plants.


This works by making the medium more responsive to our Coco nutrients, leading to better predictability and a faster developing crop. Transportation of this product to our packing plant in the UK carries an impressively low carbon footprint. Using Plant Magic Plus Coco nutrients along with this growing medium will ensure that your crop benefits from the best quality products and gives reassurance to the grower.



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