Plant Magic Plus – Bio-Silicon Speeds Up Photosynthesis & Nutrient Uptake


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Plant Magic Plus – Bio-Silicon 125ml – 250ml – 1L – Speeds Up Photosynthesis & Nutrient Uptake


Hydro Silicon is the reformulation of the ever so popular BioSilicon. This has been designed with the Coco and Hydro growers in mind.

Hydro Silicon will not only give stronger, thicker stems by will also speed up photosynthesis and nutrient uptake.


Plant Magic Bio-Silicon is a specially formulated blend of soluble silica and humic acid – both of which are naturally occurring substances found in soil that strengthen and boost your plants in a number of beneficial ways – stronger stems, better disease and drought resistance and increased nutrient uptake.

As if that wasn’t enough, Plant Magic Bio-Silicon increases yields as well! Great product.


Plant Magic Bio-Silicon contains a mixture of soluble silicon and quality humic acid. Both silicon and humic acid are components of natural soil but in recent times it has become depleted of them due to leaching. Silicon helps plants to build strong cell-walls which makes the plant tougher against diseases, fungi and pests.

Silicon also builds stronger and thicker stems and stalks and helps the plant to lose less water, particularly in high heat conditions. The humic acid in Plant Magic Bio-Silicon helps to transport the silicon into the plant, increases photosynthesis and thereby increases yields. Plant Magic Bio-Silicon really makes a difference – try it and see


Bio-Silicon will strengthen the cell walls of plants resulting in the following:

Improved photosynthetic activity
Increased yields
Stronger stems and stalks
Improved resistance to pathogenic fungi
Improved heat tolerance
Improved resistance to pests
Improved disease resistance



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