PLAGRON – Start Up – Root/Growth Stimulator 250ml – 500ml Hydroponics


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PLAGRON – Start Up – Root Stimulator

Start Up is a liquid growth stimulator for seedlings, cuttings and mother plants. Vita Start has a wide range of activity. It makes for a great and strong root system, good resistance and accelerated uptake of nutrients. It also provides a faster cell division and more branches and shoots, making the number of cuttings per mother plant increases significantly.


 A natural fertiliser and root stimulator specifically designed for young plants in the propagation and growth period. A blend of sea algae and natural elements, Start Up offers rapid root development and quick recovery after transplanting.


Start-up is a liquid organic basic fertilizer used from cutting stage through to the end of the growing phase.

Start up has been developed to make things easy for you, feeding with start-up and alga-grow is the only thing you will need until the plant starts to flower.

Start-up ensures that there is perfect root development and healthy uniform growth.

It gives the first boost towards achieving healthy, strong full flowering.

Stimulates and accelerates the growth and flowering 
Increases resistance 
Stimulates the production of chlorophyll 
Encourages branching and fruiting 
Also suitable for mother

Start-up is specially designed for organic cultivation on soil and coco fibre.

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