PLAGRON – Power Roots 500 ml – Organic Root Stimulator Hydroponics


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Plagron Power Roots 500ml

Power Roots is a stimulator that dramatically increases the rate of root growth, to quickly establish a strong healthy plant with a good root system that can uptake all of the nutrients that are made available.

Plagron Power Roots is used in the early stages of the vegetative period to provide fast and vigorous root development and it can also be used in the initial first few weeks of the flowering period.

Plagron  Power Roots is an organic root stimulator. This stimulator to use in the growth phase and the first weeks of the flowering stage. Power Roots stimulates the growth of the roots and increases the resistance of the plant. It is fast, efficient, and is almost immediately absorbed by the plant. Power Roots allows for the development of strong plants.

Using Power Roots from the beginning of your cycle ensures the development of strong, healthy plants and this rich potent formula works well with all substrates, soil or coco and also with any type of hydroponic system.

How To Use
Add 1ml of Power Roots per litre of water.

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