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 Probe Cleaning Solution 300ML

shape, ensuring accuracy and extending the meter’s useful life. pH Probe Cleaner is an ideal solution for cleaning pH probes, removing salt deposits from nutrients and other accumulations.

How a pH Meter Works

Let’s start by thinking a little bit about how a pH meter works. Without going into all the gritty details, your pH meter probably consists of two main parts: the electrode and the screen. It’s fairly obvious that the latter part is there to tell you what the pH of your solution is, but the electrode is a little more complicated. Most pH meters will only have one probe (some older versions may have two) that contains two different electrodes: the glass electrode and the reference electrode. The glass electrode is the most important in reading pH, and consists of an electrical wire made of silver submerged in potassium chloride, surrounded by a special silica and metallic salt-coated conductive tube. The reference electrode is usually made of the same material as the glass electrode, but its tube lacks any special conductive coating.

When submerged in a solution, hydrogen ions will migrate towards the conductive glass electrode and replace some of the metal ions in the coating. This creates a small voltage that the silver electrode can pick up, which is then passed on to the voltmeter, which converts the signal into a pH reading. The reference electrode acts as a baseline measurement, and completes the electrical circuit.


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