Ph Probe Cleaner & Ph Probe Refill&Storage – 300ml Growth Technology Hydroponics


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Ph Probe Cleaner or Ph Probe Refill&Storage – 300ml Growth Technology

PH Probe Refill and Storage Solution 300ml

pH meters need some care and attention. A little effort will keep them in good shape, which will enhance and ensure their accuracy and extend their useful life. This solution can be used to store pH meters when not in use. Basically the probe (glass bulb at the end of the meter) should be just immersed in the solution. This will condition the probe and maximise its useful life. The same solution can be used for refilling the probes on certain meters.

PH Probe Cleaner 300ml

Keeping your pH meter probes clean is essential to make sure that you get accurate readings and to maintain the lifespan of your meter. Use Growth Technology’s pH probe cleaner regularly.

Growth Technology – Professional quality products for professional results
Cleans dirt, debris and salt off your pH meter probes
Helps to ensure accurate readings
Maintains pH probe lifespan
Easy to use – simply soak electrodes overnight
Can be used with virtually any brand of pH meter

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Ph Probe Cleaner


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