Oxypot Single DWC System – 19 Litre Complete Kit Pipes & Pump Hydroponics


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Oxypot Single System

Ready for extreme growth, monster yields & mighty roots? There’s only one pot you want – the Oxypot. Everyone’s raving about them!
19L Oxypot – 35 x 35 x 38 (W x L x H)
Extreme rooting & growth
Unlimited access to oxygen & nutrients
How it Works
Plants grow in a mesh pot filled with clay pebbles. Roots grow out of the mesh pot, straight into an oxygen rich nutrient solution.
This gives them a constant, unlimited supply of nutrients and plenty of oxygen.

You don’t need to worry about underwatering or overwatering – plants use what they need. You can expect explosive root growth & staggering yields. It’s incredible.
Explosive root growth
Faster nutrient uptake
No over or underwatering
Extreme Growth

Plants have unlimited access to nutrients and oxygen to speed up nutrient uptake & growth.
Big, Healthy Roots
Root growth is unrestricted by media, and supported by oxygen. Best of all, nasty root diseases can’t survive where there’s high  oxygen.
Maximum Growing Space
Why are Oxypots square? To give you more space for roots!
Nutrient Level Indicator
To protect it from knocks, the indicator pipe sits in an in-built groove.
No Leaks
Pots are crack-resistant and connections are secure.

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