Optic foliar – Transport 500ml Revolutionary Wetting Agent Hydroponics


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Optic foliar – Transport 500ml

Optic Foliar TRANSPORT is a revolutionary delivery agent that delivers the active ingredients within the foliar spray solution into the plant through the stomata of the leaves and move rapidly into the mesophyll layer of the leaves. This increases gas exchange and allows plants to absorb more of the spray solution, enabling the plants to immediately utilize the solution to combat bugs and mold while increasing performance. Ordinary spreaders and stickers cover the plant to create a barrier, but TRANSPORT allows the plant to remain in a more natural state without being covered in toxic solutions affecting growth and yields, while providing the plant the natural solutions needed to combat mold and pests.

Unlike traditional sprays, Optic Foliar TRANSPORT can be sprayed on plants even with the lights on and without the need to adjust the pH of the spray. Directions: For each litre of spray solution add 7.5 ml / 1.5 teaspoons of TRANSPORT to spray solution. For each gallon of spray solution add 30 ml / 2 tablespoons of TRANSPORT to spray solution.
Do not adjust ph, you only need to spray tops of leaves, not bottoms or undersides (FAQ why not? ) , no residuals to wash off, spray in full sunlight. When mixing with: per litre/ gallon Watts/Rev For each litre of water add 7.5 ml/ 1.5 tsp each of TRANSPORT, WATTS & REV into water. ATAK concentrate and or a natural or optional products that can be mixed in. Additional usage notes: Best used with distilled water When mixing with pesticides, fungicides or any other competitor branded foliar performance product, it is best to use product half strength with transport at full strength on first spray, and to test on a few plants before spraying entire garden. Can be stored long term :Store any mixed solution in a cool dark space away from HID lighting Long term shelf life.

Specifications: NPK 0.008-0-0.003 Guaranteed Analysis: Please reference product labels for correct upper/lowercase) Total Nitrogen ( N ) 0.008 % 0.008 %Nitrate Nitrogen Soluble Potash (K20) 0.003 % Derived From: Potassium Nitrate

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Optic foliar


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