Ninth Planet TITAN 630w (1100w equivalent) Very Big LED Grow Light


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  Ninth Planet TITAN 630w (1100w equivalent) LED Grow Light

These have been thoroughly tested and have out performed our 1000w HPS kit, LED lights can give you more output than standard HPS lights at a fraction of the running cost without generating the heat that comes from sodium lights.
Probably the best LED currently selling to the UK or even the World market. 

LED currently selling to the UK or even the World market.
The units carry a full spectrum of 3w LED’s including UV – Red – Blue

Max coverage 5’x5′
Intense coverage 4’x4′

Switch Settings
Switch 1 – Vegative Switch: When starting clones and seedlings we suggest you use this switch for the first week of vegative growth until the plants are adjusted to the light.
Switch 2 – Flowering Switch: This is used after the first week of vegative growth as well as switch 1 for full effect and higher yields.

LED Advantages VS HPS: High Yields, Less Heat to manage, lower power to watt consumption, longevity.

    Tips for success….

1). The higher you hang your lights the more coverage you get, but you will have less intensity. It is important to find the perfect balance for your plant species and strain. It is strongly recommended you start your plants at 30" and move to around 20" during flowering especially if you are running with both switches on.

2).The LED’s produce a lot less heat than HID lights so keep an eye on your temperatures and humidity, plants like a range between 75 and 85 degrees.

3). Use less water than you would with HID lights and keep an eye on humidity.

4). Keep the air moving in your garden and make sure its flowing nicely around your plants.

LED Energy Savings…

The energy saving compared to traditional light sources is about:

  • 93% Compared to Incandescent Lamps
  • 90% Compared to Halogen Lamps
  • 74% Compared to Metal Halide Lamps
  • 70% Compared to Fluorescent Lamps

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