MiniMax 150w Hps Digital Lighting kit Hydroponics


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MiniMax 150w Hps Digital Lighting kit Hydroponics


Finally the lighting solution revolution has arrived. Following a three year period of research and testing The MINIMAX 150 micro-processor ballast has finally completed trial testing, qualifying the Minimax 150 for CE registration. Fully tested and registered the Minimax 150 is now ready for the market. 

Running at less than 0.7amp we feel that this little unit will revolutionize indoor grow lighting. No longer do we have to compromise with CFL bulbs or LED panels. The MINIMAX 150 operates with either Metal Halide (blue vegetative) or, High Pressure Sodium bulbs (red flowering). Test results have shown that two MINIMAX 150 units produce larger yields than any one 600w Digital unit.

 The 600w Digi ballast is rated at 2.75amp whereas the MINIMAX 150 is rated at 0.64amp. In real terms you could run five Minimax 150 units for the same power consumption as one 600w digital unit. 

Considering the above advantages we confidently conclude that the MINIMAX 150 is the most environmentally friendly Ballast available, producing maximum output for minimum power consumption. 

The Minimax 150 is not a standard electronic ballast; The Minimax 150 is a completely new way to control light/energy omitted from your bulb. The most technically advanced electronic ballast available anywhere. 

Why is The Minimax 150 so different? The reason is not merely about reduced power consumption. The Minimax 150 electronic ballast uses the latest micro-processor technology to regulate and control the energy to light ratio.

This allows for the use of either HPS or Metal Halide bulbs. 



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