Metrop – MR1 Organic Growth Fertilizer 1 Litre


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Metrop MR1 Grow 1 Litre

Metrop MR1, concentrated liquid NPK 10-40-20 Grow fertilizer. 
Function: Nitrogen and phosphate are particularly important to the growing crop during the early vegetative stages. 
Deficiencies of phosphate will negatively effect the root development, vigour and yield of the crop. 

Crop production in soils that are nutritionally depleted or where the soil moisture prevents adequate movement of nutrients in the root zone will require early applications of Metrop MR1. 
Metrop MR1 grow fertilizer supplies magnesium which is often deficient in crops grown on light, sandy soils.
Magnesium together with other micro nutrients, is vital for chlorophyll and protein synthesis. 

Assures the availability of sufficient potassium for the start of the bloom and robustness of the plant; 
. Assures the availability of sufficient phosphorus for explosive root growth;
. Assures the availability of sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis;
. Does not contain harmful colouring agents and is not diluted with water:
it consists only of the purest raw  materials. Therefore use with a low EC.

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