Metrop – Calgreen – Enzymes – MAM – Organic Grow Plant Stimulators Hydroponics


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Metrop – Calgreen – Enzymes – MAM – Hydroponic Fertiliser


Metrop – Calgreen
Calcium is the 4th imported element for a plant,
and your plant want liquid Calcium a lot!

The Metrop Calgreen calcium fertilizer is a unique product. The basis of the product is Nitrogen and Calcium in a specific compound.
This compound is a building block for the plant cell walls, which results in a more compact, heavier top.
Metrop Calgreen calcium fertilizer also provides 80% protection against most molds and rot diseases.
Extra Calcium in the medium ensures that the ions of other nutritional elements are released more easily from the colloidal particles and the plant therefore has more nutritional building blocks available.
Metrop Calgreen calcium fertilizer is produced from of very high quality raw materials and can be mixed with any Metrop fertilizer product.

With Metrop fertilizers MR1, MR2 and Calgreen, the grower has a top plant food line at hand which, in every medium sees to it that the plant builds up the largest possible root system and top for the highest possible yield.

Visibly improves the absorption of nutrients at the root;
Assures a tangible strengthening and toughening of the top;
Assures a measurable increase in the mass of the end product;
Assures the availability of sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis;
Does not contain harmful coloring agents and is not diluted with water: it consists only of the purest raw materials.
Therefore use with a low EC;

If the soil is nutrient-rich, give this mixture 1 to 3 times a week. Give daily if the soil is nutrient-poor or if you use hydroponic growth methods.
Water every day as needed.


Metrop – MAM
Make the mother plant strong = making clones strong!
Metrop MAM highest concentrated liquid mother plant fertiliser!

Metrop MAM mother plant fertilizer is a unique product. The Metrop MAM fertilizer is formulated to supply mother plants with essential nutrients.

The NPK and micro-elements balance in the Metrop MAM mother plants fertilizer is specially composed to produce the highest possible clone production from the plant.

The raw materials of the Metrop MAM motherplant fertilizers are of a very high purity, which makes it possible to achieve a high NPK proportion without disturbing the plant.
Metrop MAM mother plant fertilizer also includes organic material derived from a single seaweed variety which has proven beneficial effects upon plants by stimulating root and grow development and helps recovering the plant after cutting.

Metrop MAM fertilizer will make the mother plants strong so the cutlings will be stronger and more healthy, and can be store longer.

Metrop MAM can be given to the medium and give as a foliar.
Give also Metrop Calgreen fertilizer to the motherplants!!

Metrop MAM fertilizer is a high-quality plant nutrient with all macro- and microelements required by plants from which cuttings are constantly taken.

Assures sufficient availability of phosphorus for continuous growth of the roots;
Assures sufficient availability of magnesium for an optimum chlorophyll and protein synthesis;
Assures a cutting with more growth reserves;
Contains additional micro elements to eliminate a shortage caused by cutting;
Contains Kelpak for an optimum stimulation of growth;
Is free of harmful colouring or scenting agents and not diluted with water: thus it consists only of the
purest raw materials;

On soil give as needed with the water in a ratio of 50ml/100L water and once a week add Calgreen 20ml/100L.
On coconut mats give as needed with the water in a ratio of 50ml/100L water; can be combined with Calgreen 20ml/100L water.
In hydro give daily at least 5x per day in a ratio of 75ml/100L water; can be combined with Calgreen 20ml/100L water.


Metrop – Enzymes Biocatalyst
Metrop Additive is an enzymatic complex that promotes plant’s root system health and vitality

Enzymes Biocatalyst by Metrop is an organic, liquid, enzyme-based, nutritional supplement that boosts and controls the chemical processes that occur during root and plant development,
providing the best results in record time and with less energy consumption.

Enzymes makes for strong, healthy roots and protects the plants from soil diseases. The dead roots and plant residues are processed quickly and used by the plants themselves.
Additive by Metrop could be used in every irrigation, or added to nutrient solution once per week (depending on grower’s preferences), helping in a healthy and powerful developement of plants grown in soil, coco, or hydroponics.

Daily use – 25 ml/100 litres of water
Weekly use – 1 ml/1 litre of water


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