Metrop – Additive Organic Enzymes Biocatalyst 1 Litre


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Metrop Additive Organic Enzymes Biocatalyst 1 Litre

Metrop Additive is an enzymatic complex that promotes plant’s root system health and vitality

Enzymes Biocatalyst by Metrop is an organic, liquid, enzyme-based, nutritional supplement that boosts and controls the chemical processes that occur during root and plant development,
providing the best results in record time and with less energy consumption.

Enzymes makes for strong, healthy roots and protects the plants from soil diseases. The dead roots and plant residues are processed quickly and used by the plants themselves.
Additive by Metrop could be used in every irrigation, or added to nutrient solution once per week (depending on grower’s preferences), helping in a healthy and powerful developement of plants grown in soil, coco, or hydroponics.

Daily use – 25 ml/100 litres of water
Weekly use – 1 ml/1 litre of water

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