Lumatek – Kit Turrican Reflector & Ballast Pro 1000w & 1000W Bulb HPS


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Lumatek – Kit Turrican Reflector & Ballast Pro 1000w & 1000W Bulb HPS


Lumatek – Turrican Parabolic Miro – Light Reflector 1m Wide Hydroponics

The Lumatek Turrican Parabolic Reflector Designed in partnership between Lumatek Ltd and Qwod has an incredibly even light spread and a design that produces low heat levels directly under the lamp, meaning that it can be lowered further than is often possible when using conventional reflectors without burning the tops of plants. The Turrican uses industry-leading state-of-the-art reflective medium ‘Miro’ with 95% reflectivity, besides this the reflectors rated for lamps up to 1000Watts.

Key features of the Turrican Parabolic Reflector
Superb, uniform light spread
Constructed from premium grade components
Eliminates hot spots
Supplied with IEC lead for simple connection to ballasts
Vented top section to reduce heat build-up
Can position close to the top of a plant canopy
Highly reflective Miro finish 95% reflectivity
Can be used with both CFLs and HID lamps
37cm high x 100cm diameter for excellent coverage
Packaged in flat packs – easier to store and deliver
Clear concise instructions for easy assembly
Rated for lamps up to 1000Watts


The Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V Ballast has been developed to drive 400 volts Double Ended horticulture EL lamps, and this by means of a standard 230 Volt power supply.

Lumatek introduces the next generation of 240V fully dimmable electronic ballasts that can control professional horticulture 400V lamps and at an affordable price. 400V assimilation lighting is now standard in professional horticulture because of the extra PAR (grow light) which produce this with greater efficiency and lower energy costs. Improved PAR Light ensures a constant and uniform plant growth. Lumatek uses the latest electronic components to reduce the cost of high-end professional equipment for the end user.


Lumatek launch their new range of horticultural HID grow lamps. Tuned to the ultra-high operating frequency of the Lumatek e-ballasts, the lamp’s components have been reinforced making them much more robust and therefore a long life grow-lighting solution delivering a high level of Photosynthetic Active Radiation to promote healthy plant growth. These lamps have strengthened seals and a reinforced arc frame to ensure that they will provide long lasting performance with stable lumen output

Key Specifications/Special Features:
Wattage: 1000W
Bulb Shape: TT65
Lumens: 130,000
Lamp Current (A): 10.3A&nbsp
Life (Hours): 24,000
PAR (micromol/sec): 1850



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HPS (High Pressure Sodium)








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