Lightwave T5 Flourescent – Propagation Grow Light Hydropomics


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Lightwave T5 Flourescent  – Propagation Grow Light

Lightwave – T5 Fluorescent 2-Tube (2ft) 48W

T5 grow lamp technology is rapidly gaining a reputation for outstanding performance in terms of light output versus power consumed. Ideal for large scale propagation thanks to the exceptionally even spread of light that they create, both Lightwave units simply ooze quality once you get them out of the box.
Each individual tube is surrounded by a separate groove in the reflector, carefully shaped to optimise light crossover without wasting any output. These Lightwaves represent the best option for growers wishing to create a dedicated high performance vegetative growth and propagation room.
The 4 Tube Lightwave measures 59cm (length) x 22cm (width) x 6cm (depth) and also features two separate switches allowing you to operate the inner and outer four tubes individually.
2x 24W – 48w
3.1m cable
Lightwave T5 Flourescent 4-Tube (2ft) 96W

T5s used in propagation will produce even growth and bushiness with short internodes and thick stems. However, unlike other fluorescent lights they can be used throughout the growth cycle to produce mature plants of great quality.

The LightWave Advantage
The perfect colour temperature for plants, aquaria and reptiles – just watch the response.
Reduced heat output allows closer positioning to plants, fish or animals.
Ideal for use in enclosed spaces – less heat build-up.
T5 fluorescent tubes maintain lumen output longer and generally cost less than HID lamps.
LightWave T5 fixtures take up minimal space and can hang vertically or horizontally.
LightWave T5 will support both vegetative growth AND fruiting and flowering.

A light for small propagation areas. Excellent with orchids.

4 x 24 W tubes
Total 96 W
6,600 lumens

Lightwave T5 Flourescent 4-Tube (4ft) 216W

Maxibright LightWave T5 lighting systems are the market leaders when it comes to propagation/veg lighting, giving out more light per watt than any other fluorescent lamp. This unit has 4 x 4ft (54 Watt) tubes for a total of 216 Watts, giving out 16600 lumens.

T5 tubes – More lumens per watt than any other fluorescent tube available
Includes 4 x 4ft (54 Watt) tubes – 216 Watts total
16600 Lumens output
Supplied with T5 Cool Daylight Tubes (6500 Kelvin) for use in veg/propagation

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