LightHouse Max 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m Complete Grow Tent Kit Hydroponics


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LightHouse Max Complete Grow Tent  Kit …….

All the equipment you need just too set up and grow !

The Hydrogarden Grow-Tent is a great alterernative to a purpose built permanent grow room. It is ideal for small set ups or multiple set ups using multiple tents joined up. The Hydrogarden Grow Tent needs no tools to set up and is ideal for growers who want a controlled environment.

This Grow Tent Kit is supplied complete with:

1 x Rvk A1 Fan 4 inch

1 x Rvk A1 Fan 5 inch

1 x 5 inch Ducting 5m

1 x 4 inch Ducting 5m

1 x 5 inch Rhino Filter

600w Lumii Black Complete Light Kit, Lamp, Reflector,

1 x Lumii Contactor & Timer

1 x  Min/Max Digital Hygrometer

1 x Ez Rolls

The upper frame of the Hydrogarden Grow-Tent offers fastenings for small filters and Reflectors.

The grow tent design incorperates 2 intergrated oppening’s for irrigation tubes and 4" outlet for ventillation.

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